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SANW : Moving a step closer to commercialization of Stevia with receipt of brand trademark.

By Ian Gilson PhD, CFA


On Jan. 05, 2017 S&W Seed Co. (NASDAQ:SANW) announced it had received a stevia trademark for the brand name "Kandi Leaf" , following its earlier stevia trademark of "Stevia California". The company now has patents pending for various unique stevia varieties that can be marketed under these, and potentially other, trademarks.

Trademarks do not expire as long as they are being used, subject to renewal after 10 years.

S&W Seed now has four varieties of stevia, SW 107; SW 129; SW 201 and SW 227. These varieties have increased levels of the primary glycoside sweetener Reb. A and lower concentrations of less desirable, and often bitter tasting, compounds. The plants themselves are more vigorous than naturally occurring varieties leading to greater leaf mass per plant. They may flower at different times per year so they can be tailored to specific climates.

S&W Seed now has, in place, the essential means to offer the market a variety of products from intellectual property, access from seeds to glycoside depending on the desire of the customer. Once the US Patent Office has granted patents to S&W Seed we expect further moves to generate revenue and profits from Stevia.

There is no other company that can, at this time, offer such a wide range of products that will provide better tasting stevia at a lower cost to the global market.


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