M. Marin

M. Marin

Senior Analyst

M. Marin has over 15 years of sell-side research experience, having begun her financial research career at Oppenheimer and Morgan Stanley. She has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal's "Best on the Street" and Institutional Investor's analyst ranking survey. In partnership with Soleil Securities, M. founded and ran her own independent research boutique where she focused on the digital media sector. Prior to that, she held senior research positions at Salomon Brothers, ING Barings and Bear Stearns.

At Zacks, she focuses on the Technology and Life Sciences space, following companies in both the medical device and drug development areas. Reflecting her extensive experience and understanding of the path to commercialization of a new device and/or drug candidate, M. Marin's approach to analyzing investment opportunities along the way can help investors understand the pipeline and potential. Having spent time focused on the investor relations and corporate communications sides of the business, she can communicate the issues to investors in a way that generalists and specialists alike can appreciate.

M. Marin holds a B.A. in economics from Swarthmore College and has completed the coursework for a Masters of Business Administration candidate at New York University.

M. Marin has covered firms in the following Sectors & Industries:
Consumer: e-Commerce, Education, Real Estate
Healthcare: Biopharma, Med-Tech
Technology & Telecommunications: Batteries, Electric Vehicles, Online Gaming

m. marin's universe includes